Textexpander 4.1.1

Create shortcuts for typing


  • Saves valuable time typing
  • Fairly easy to setup snippets
  • Excellent tutorials
  • Works across applications


  • Can be tricky to understand without tutorials at first
  • Froze on initial startup a few times

Very good

Textexpander is a clever tool that, if correctly used, could save you countless hours of typing.


If you spend too many hours a day writing the same old phrases and replies, Textexpander will allow you to define keyboard shortcuts to automatically type them for you. Although it's not a particularly complicated application, Textexpander still requires a little getting to grips with at first. It's particularly useful for entering time and dates. For example, you can abbreviate the time to the letters "tt" and the time in 24 hour format will appear. This even works for logos and images.


All of your snippets (i.e. shortcuts) are stored in a list on the left side of the interface, and you can create groups to keep them organized by relevant subjects. Note that Textexpander works across all applications where you use a text editor so it's useful whether you're typing in a text document or an e-mail. If you get stuck creating snippets, there are some excellent tutorials on the developer's website.

On the whole, Textexpander is a real time saving that will be of great use to editors, web programmers or just those who have to repeat the same phrases regularly. The only problem users might encounter is Textexpander sometimes freezes upon startup, requiring you to Force Quit.

Create abbreviations for your most commonly used phrases with Textexpander.



Textexpander 4.1.1

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